nCourage awards Courageous Women Entrepreneur Award $25,000 Investment Prize to Medical Informatics Corp., Rice University

Posted by on Apr 19, 2013

Medical Informatics Corp: Complete medical device integration, real-time clinical decision support at the point of care.  Saving lives, bit by bit.

“For student entrepreneurs, this is the World Series and the Super Bowl” combined. – Fortune / CNN Money

The Rice Business Plan Competition has been described as the Super Bowl and World Series, combined, by Fortune and CNN/Money.  The world’s richest and largest business plan competition brought 42 top university teams from across the globe to pitch their new technology businesses to a record number of over 300 venture capital and investor judges.  Judges evaluate the businesses based on the investment potential of the competitors’ new ventures.  More than 138 past competitors at the Rice Business Plan Competition have successfully launched their companies and are in business today or have had successful exits, and have raised more than $600 million in funding.