Innovative:    We are attracted to new ideas or a new way to solve a not so new problem.  We seek companies that offer creative, innovative solutions to life’s challenges.

Startup Companies:  We like young, but focused companies. Very early stage companies or even just a good idea are not out of the realm of consideration.  However, some thought to the basic concepts – market size, finance, barriers to entry must be presented well.

Significant Market Opportunity:  We are interested in products or services that address the needs of large markets.  To achieve a high return on its investment, a company must sell to potential markets of $100M+. We expect our portfolio companies to become market leaders with 30%+ market share within five to seven years.

Coach-ability:    We want our money and expertise to make a difference to companies and believe experience is a terrible thing to waste.  Once an idea is deemed viable, we then place great emphasis on the existing team members, the potential team members and the overall coach-ability of the executive team.  We are approachable, generous of spirit and open to new ideas, we expect those we invest in to be the same.


Funding Criteria

  • Innovative
  • Startup Companies
  • Significant Market Opportunity
  • Coach-ability

Our Process

  • Application
  • Pre-Screening
  • In Person Screening
  • Due Diligence
  • Final Approval



We have no set cycle for investing.

An application and a PDF executive summary may be submitted by email.  The application may be requested by emailing

Please ensure all points on the application are addressed completely.  Incomplete submissions are not eligible for consideration.

An nCourage Entrepreneur will contact you within 3 weeks of submission to discuss how well your company fits with our funding model and whether we would like to Pre-Screen your company.

If your concept is not accepted at this stage, you may be invited to re-apply and we will indicate under what circumstances we would be willing to review a later application.



If approved for consideration, we will ask you to make a 15 minute or less verbal presentation via Skype video conference call.

You may submit a brief (5-10 slide Power point or other exhibits) in advance of the call.

We will ask you to answer clarifying questions for no more than 30 minutes.

We will discuss the concept and let you know within 24 hours if you will proceed to in person screening.

If your application is not successful, we may offer suggestions as to areas of opportunity you may wish to consider whether it is presentation style, content, idea viability, etc.  It is up to you what you do from there.


In Person Screening:

Submit a complete business plan for review prior to in person meeting. Dates and deadlines will be set for each application.

Prepare and present a 30 minute (maximum) Powerpoint Presentation.

You will then be asked no more than 25 minutes of clarifying questions.

After your presentation, we meet privately to discuss your application and you will be notified of next steps within 3 business days of making your presentation


Due Diligence:

If approved, we will assign a due diligence team. Due diligence will occur as rapidly as possible, but could take one or more months to conclude.  We will stay in contact with you through this process and determine dates appropriate to each application.

Assuming due diligence concludes positively, you will be presented with a signed term sheet.


Final Approval:

A closing date is set and the funding occurs. Congratulations!