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nCourage Honors Courageous Women at Rice Business Plan Competition 2023

nCourage Entrepreneurs has awarded two teams, Atma Leather (Banofi Leather) and Thryft Ship the investment award for Courageous Women Entrepreneurs at the 2023 Rice University Business Plan Competition.

Meet Cindy

Cindy Boyd, a founding member,  is an experienced technology entrepreneur who is recognized for creating experienced, high performance technology teams that provide solutions where “it’s never been done before.”

Funding Criteria

Innovative: We are attracted to new ideas or a new way to solve a not so new problem.  We seek companies that offer creative, innovative solutions to significant challenges.

Startup Companies: We like young, but focused companies. Very early-stage companies or even just a good idea is not out of the realm of consideration.

Significant Market Opportunity: We are interested in products or services that address the needs of large markets.

Strong Leadership: Once an idea is deemed viable, we then place great emphasis on the existing team members, the potential team members, and the overall abilities of the executive team.

nCourage Investment Group

We are committed to supporting the success of women-led ventures through early-stage investments. 

Our focus includes identifying, and nurturing startups, creating a thriving ecosystem for significant returns and positive societal impact. Additionally, we foster women investors through education and active participation in the investment process for impactful wealth creation.

are you nCouraged?

Join the nCourage Community

At nCourage Investment Group, we're not just investing; we're building a movement. By encouraging women to invest and mentor, we empower women-led startups to navigate the path to success. Connect with us to become part of a network that values your expertise, shares your vision for impactful returns, and actively supports the growth of innovative early-stage companies.

Submit Your Vision to nCourage

If your startup is at the forefront of addressing significant market opportunities with a visionary team at its helm, we want to hear from you. nCourage Investment Group is committed to funding and mentoring women-led startups, offering access to an extensive network of potential customers, service providers, and partners. Submit your business plan to tap into our wealth of experience, resources, and opportunity to be awarded a “Courageous Women’s Award”.
Let's create something impactful together.

About nCourage

nCourage Investment Group, a private early-stage investor group, funds innovative early-stage companies addressing significant market opportunities. Our investors share a common goal of encouraging women to invest and mentor women-led startups to achieve impactful returns. We share our varied experience with invested companies, focusing on ideas aligning with our investors’ expertise. Leveraging our networks, we can connect to potential customers, service providers, partners, and innovative operational resources. nCourage actively participates in the Rice Business Plan Competition, where members judge and award the “Courageous Women’s Award” to the top women-led competitors.

We believe in nCouraging women entrepreneurs

On a mission to impact and support courageous women!

"The 'Courageous Women's Award' from nCourage marked a milestone in our journey, spotlighting the hard work and dedication of our team. This honor is a beacon for aspiring women entrepreneurs, showing that with courage and support, we can turn groundbreaking ideas into reality. Thanks to nCourage, we're not just dreaming of a better future; we're building it."

"Receiving the 'Courageous Women's Award' was a transformative experience. It's more than an accolade; it's a testament to nCourage's commitment to fostering female entrepreneurship. This recognition has opened doors, expanded our network, and significantly propelled our mission forward. We're proud to be part of a community that uplifts women to lead and innovate fearlessly."

"Winning the 'Courageous Women's Award' from nCourage was a pivotal moment for our startup. It validated our vision and empowered us to push boundaries in our industry. nCourage not only invests in ideas but believes in the women behind them, igniting a fire in us to achieve more than we ever thought possible."

A view of our investments

Guided by our Values

Mentorship and Collaboration

Beyond financial returns, we aim to contribute positively to society by supporting ventures that address challenges and drive meaningful change.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity and transparency in all our dealings, fostering trust among our members, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders.

Innovation Excellence

We prioritize and support ventures at the forefront of innovation, striving to be a driving force in shaping the future.

Long-term Vision

We take a strategic, long-term approach to investments, understanding that sustained success often requires patient and committed support.


We are dedicated to empowering not only the ventures we invest in but also our investors, by providing opportunities for learning, growth, and active participation in the investment process.

Positive Impact

Beyond financial returns, we aim to contribute positively to society by supporting ventures that address challenges and drive meaningful change.

These values guide our decisions, actions, and the culture of nCourage ensuring that we contribute positively to the entrepreneurial ecosystem while creating value for our members and society at large.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We celebrate and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit, recognizing that it is the foundation of innovation and economic growth.

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