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Our process

nCouraging you through our process

We’re here to guide you through every step. Our investment process isn’t your typical, rigid cycle; it’s flexible and focused on uncovering the true potential of each startup. From your first email to the final handshake, our stages are crafted to evaluate and nurture promising businesses towards success. 


We have no set cycle for investing.
An executive summary may be submitted by email to:


If approved for consideration, we will ask you to make a 15 minute or less verbal presentation via video conference call. We will ask you to answer clarifying questions for no more than 30 minutes.

Our screening committee will discuss the concept and let you know if you will proceed to a full membership presentation.

Presentation to nCourage Investors

Prepare and present a 30 minute (maximum) PowerPoint Presentation.

After your presentation, we meet privately to discuss your application and you will be notified of next steps.

Due Diligence

If approved, we will assign a due diligence team. Due diligence will occur as rapidly as possible but could take one or more months to conclude.  We will stay in contact with you through this process and determine dates appropriate to each startup.  Assuming due diligence concludes positively, you will be presented with a signed term sheet.

Final Approval

A closing date is set and the funding occurs. Congratulations!

Courageous Women Award Recipients

Thryft Ship

Shipping streamlined for Instagram sellers

ATMA Leather / Banofi

Synthetic leather made from bananas


Feel-great basics and go-anywhere outfits to maximize your minimalist wardrobe


One Platform to conquer all. A universal platform technology that enables generating synthetic proteins at the highest yields and purity

Shelly Xu Design

SXD (Shelly Xu Design) is about maximizing beauty using minimalism. We create artful, versatile and functional pieces that not only produce no waste but also reduce the waste left by the fashion industry


Nanopath is a molecular diagnostics company disrupting traditional testing methodologies. They aim to improve the health of women by providing granular and clinically actionable information within a single office visit


Relavo's mission is to enrich the lives of people with kidney failure by making home dialysis safer and more accessible


The Treyetech team developed an innovative device that allows surgeons to overcome DMEK’s greatest obstacle, the unrolling of the graft in the eye during surgery

Spotless Materials

Ultra Repellent Coatings — Environmentally sustainable non-stick coatings. Benefits: Make your toilet hydrophobic. Keep your bathroom clean. Enjoy spotless surfaces with minimal scrubbing. Prevent Messy Buildup


Oze (formerly OZÉ) is a business app for managing and growing your business and accessing capital

Pro-Arc Diagnostics

Pro-Arc Diagnostics is a developing next-generation laboratory test for patients at risk of Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML)


Airbnb meets Craigslist for university students house-shares. Furnished room rentals for subletting periods with an online escrow service

BIAO Skincare

Biao is a digital skincare line using science, nature, and technology to protect the skin from environmental aging

Relish MBA

RelishCareers is the online careers marketplace for hiring graduate-level job candidates, ranging from MBAs to Engineers or Data Scientists


Inscope Medical is a connected medical device company focused on endoscopy devices

Remind Technologies

Remind is a communication platform that reaches students and families where they are and supports learning wherever it happens


Tympanogen is a medical technology company that develops ear, nose, and throat (ENT) devices and wound-healing therapies

Medical Informatics

Medical informatics is a sub-discipline of health informatics where skills in both medical and computer sciences come together in an effort to improve healthcare and patient outcomes


BiologicsMD is developing novel therapeutics and therapeutic-device combinations for the treatment of hair-loss and bone disorders

Dear Duck

Dearduck is a curation engine built for retailers, brands, and organizations wanting to deliver unique digital experiences

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